Testimonials & Feedback

2014 - Ethiopia

31 March – 9 April Assessments,
at Bingham Academy, Addis Ababa


Testing for school students and Home School students

Feed back to staff and parents

Staff Development for School Staff ; Special Needs Learners; Numeracy Activities; college/ University Transitions

Meetings with Students re University Entrance Applications


10 – 13 April Bingham Home School Retreat
in Debre Zeit.

Children’s Programme and Parent Sessions      



Thank you for taking your time to share with us – explaining our test results for SEN. Daryl was very helpful in guiding us.

My kids enjoyed doing things that were age appropriate and with their friends and it was nice to know they were safe and well taken care of.


2014 - Madagascar

May 29 – 1 June  Education Focused Family Retreat, Antananarivo



Great resources and handouts.
All of the presenters have great subject knowledge.

Thank you for giving us the time for our individual consultations and that was an important part of the retreat for me. This was very helpful and very timely for where we are in terms of making decisions about our children’s education.

I think it has been very good with all the creative activities.

Extract from Blog


2014 - Swaziland

8 June – 23 July Mbuluzi Primary and High Schools

Working with the struggling learners in each class, 30 mins sessions
over a 6 week period.

The aim was to give extra help to students in English (Primary School)
and English and Maths (High School) who were struggling to pass both
their school and external examinations.  
The school staff were involved in choosing the pupils for us to work
with and some staff also came into sessions with the pupils.
It was good to see the improvement in the children over the weeks
– one teacher exclaimed
‘Wow, now they can do it!’

The highlight was that in January 2015 when the results of the
Primary Certificate were announced, only one child in the whole
class had failed!


2014 - Kenya

25 September – 3 October

Working with students at Rift Valley Academy, Kijabe, on their UCAS forms and Personal Statements.  Working with staff on writing school references.



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