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Education Conference

Lichinga, Mozambique


November 7 -9  2018

(10 November is reserved for feedback meetings with Parents 
whose children have taken part in tests)



Topics for Parents will include:

· teaching in a Second language;

· multi-age teaching

· Math Games

· Science Projects

· how to teach specialist subjects in a family Home School setting

· Balancing ministry and home schooling

· Internet Friend or Foe? (how safe are our kids?)

· TCK issues

· Helping when Learning becomes difficult

· Encouraging Independent Learning



Children’s Program:

There will be age appropriate classes with activities designed to reach all learning styles. Due to the extensive planning that it takes to carry out this program, we will not be able to accommodate requests for moving children from one group to another. All assignments are made on the first day of the conference. Thanks for your understanding. The program will include some curriculum and group work.  


Testing Program:

The following testing options will be offered if you desire an educational assessment for your child. If you are not sure of the type of test required then please request and return a questionnaire to ceo@anchoreducation.org before booking a test.
You may sign up on the Testing Booking form please click this link.

Early Reading Diagnostic Assessment (grades K-2)
This test provides information on the development of skills your child needs to become a successful reader. These skills include phonemic and phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. This test is not for Pre-schoolers or Kindergarten Kids aged 4 years.


IOWA Test of Basic Skills (grades 3-8) (group testing)
Achievement testing using the ITBS is provided to assess whether your child is “on track” with his or her age mates. The
Core Battery offers assessment in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics.  The Full Battery adds Science, Social Studies, Maps and Diagrams and Reference Materials. The Full Battery takes at least 3 days (6 sessions) to administer, whilst the Core Battery takes 2 days.  



This test provides information on comprehension from sentences, word reading, spelling and math computation. It gives a grade equivalent

Dyslexia Indication Test
(shows areas affected and leads to identifying coping strategies)


Other Tests as agreed with parents after submission of a Test Questionnaire.


In some cases, these tests may identify issues that need special attention or further assessment. 


Feedback to parents regarding the findings and strategies for implementation will be held during 10th November 2018. This will be scheduled during the conference, usually in 30 minute slots. There will be people available to look after your children whilst you are receiving feedback.

If a full written report is required then that will be emailed  after the conference (at a cost of US$55).

Booking for testing should be made as soon as possible to help with planning and ordering tests. It may not be possible to provide tests that are not pre-booked at least a 4 weeks before the conference.


Testing will carry on throughout the conference and must be pre-booked no later than 1 October 2018.  Testing will be scheduled as soon as bookings are made.


Conference Location

Kuchijinji, Anglican Diocese, Lichinga, Mozambique


Registration will be from 0800 on Wednesday 7 November, 2018. Those children who will be taking the IOWA tests should note that for full IOWA there are 3 sessions over 3 mornings and for IOWA Core 2 sessions over 2 mornings beginning at 0900 on Day 1.  



The cost for 3 days: US$150 per person(including lunch)

Children’s Program: US$50 per child   Child Care; Up to and including 3 years US$30















To register for the conference click here for the on-line form. Registration must be made before 1 October 2018. Click here for the Registration form.


The conference will not go ahead if there are less than 10 adults registered before 10 September 2018.

A non returnable Registration Fee (30% of total) is payable at time of booking by credit card through the PayPal link on the website, or to Michele George.


The balance of conference fees and children's testing fees may be paid in cash (US$) at the registration desk on arrival or by credit/debit card (at least 7 days before the conference begins) in US$ through PayPal on this site click here.


We apologise for the fact that we cannot accept checks or credit card payment in Mozambique.



For help with Accommodation please contact: Michelle George (tim.george@sim.org)


Any questions about the conference or testing should be sent to: info@anchoreducation.org



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Any questions about the conference or testing should be sent to: info@anchoreducation.org


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Education Conference 2018 - Lichinga, Mozambique



Discounted cost for

sponsoring agency members





Early Reading Diagnostic Assessment





Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (core)





Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (full)





Dyslexia Screening










Other specific tests as agreed