Conferences Quotes and Views

Mozambique comments
(from 2 conferences)  

  • Interactive aspects of the presentations were enjoyable and time
    given to apply what we had just learned.
  • I especially appreciated the TCK session.
  • Thanks for adapting the sessions based on our suggestions.


  • Good range of topics covered.
  • It was great to be together with preschoolers and fellow
    attendees who share the same challenges.  
  • My favourite part was the opportunity to interact with other parents.
  • The presenters were excellent, professional and very knowledgable - very high quality.
  • Thank you so much for coming. As a mom at the very beginning of homeschool, it was very valuable to hear this early on in the process. Thanks for all your energy and planning you put into it.
  • Very encouraging. Great to get input in the kids’ education. Will definitely come again.
  • The things I liked most were the practical hands-on things that I could take away and use/do with my kids
  • You are very professional and sensitive to the needs of the group.
  • Input about adult TCK’s most helpful.


  • Thank you for coming to serve us in this way. You have met a very real need. I am very grateful that you came to share your expertise
  • This was so rare and unique an opportunity for all of us...                            
    a bright spark in our home school journey.
  • Thank you so much for your time. I have learnt an amazing amount.
    I realise some of the problems we have are universal
    and this is encouraging. My mind can be put to rest on certain
    subjects and I have lots of new ideas to take back with me.
  • Thanks for coming. We have been homeschooling for 6 years now –
    not in our own country. This has been a good reminder of the many
    things you forget.



Namibia Comments (from Home Schoolers)


  • Please do another conference as this was has been such a      
    tremendous help to me.
  • I will happily recommend Anchor Education to others.
  • The seminars were brilliant.


From Teachers


  • I enjoyed video clips to see how everything could be implemented in the classroom.
  • I found the practical examples for Learning Difficulties very helpful and the experience of working through each specific
    ‘disorder’/difficulty very valuable. Being in their shoes has given me more insight and reminded me that everyone has their own battles to work through.
  • It was the best workshop ever. Most practical and useful – please come back to see how we implement your ideas.
  • Knowledge is power and so important to be updated on or told about so you can be an effective teacher.


  • This was just a tempting morsel of a very wide area for us to focus. Please return and help us to assist and inspire our pupils.


Niger Comments (2 conferences) From Home Schoolers and Teachers


  • You  were so knowledgeable on up to date technology.
  • I enjoyed the conference and found the information very helpful. I wish my parents could have received some of this information years ago.
  • Thank you for sharing your passion for teaching and working with TCK’s. Your time here has been an encouragement.
  • We just arrived in Niger and attended just a few sessions. All very good.     
    Thank you.
  • I appreciated the ADD/HD seminar.
  • Thank you for putting on the conference. As an adult TCK it was affirming and
    I saw how my transition could have been easier had this information been
    available and it is good for others to hear this now.
  • Would have liked to have heard this information years ago!
  • The information that was shared was valuable.
    The opportunity for home schooling parents to share is vital.
  • I am taking home some useful nuggets... thanks for coming
  • Thank you so much for coming to help us identify some difficulties in our children
  • I really like the consultation times, available to get more information
  • Very good resources. I may not have all the answers but I feel more equipped to find those answers.
  • You modelled teaching to us ‘teachers’. Thank you for the variety and allowing us to be involved in activities
  • Really enjoyed all the presenters at the sessions I attended.... They were packed with information
  • A well organised time, being well managed.



Uganda comments

  • It was very useful. I love that my children could come and be taught as a group for once.
  • Wonderful! Met all my objectives for my Kids. Thanks.
    With Special Needs Testing you were brilliant
  • It was wonderful, my kids loved it
  • Please let us know about other conferences or opportunities
    to help us.
  • I was very encouraged. Thanks
  • Loved the CD’s. Reproducable and sharable info was great!
  • So much better than I expected!
  • Thanks so much! I learned a lot!
  • I appreciate so much each of the teachers that shared. Please thank them for their sacrifice to come and encourage us here in Uganda.
  • I especially appreciated the TCK information and how practical the teachers were with the topic.
  • Very helpful and practical. Loved it! Would love you to come every year.



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