Vision & Purpose


Expatriate families working effectively because their children’s educational needs are being appropriately met.



Anchor education exists to provide a comprehensive package of educational consulting services to expatriate parents, students, other individuals and companies, primarily in Africa and the Middle East. 



  • We recognize that unmet educational needs exist in our target areas.
  • We can enhance a healthy developmental experience for the children in the families that we serve.
  • We can effectively support expatriate parents in the parenting and educating of their children in international settings.



  • Respect for each family and each child.
  • Services provided to meet the needs of a multicultural, multilingual population.
  • Supportive of a wide range of educational options.
  • Families in resource-poor environments will not be disadvantaged.



  • Central coordination of diversified educational services, using both full-time and part-time staffing.
  • Use existing resources as effectively as possible.
  • Provide services to families and companies to assist them in making key decisions on educational issues.



  • One central Office, services largely provided regionally.
  • A full-time CEO with an appropriate core team.
  • Governance provided through Trustees to which the CEO reports.
  • Consultants working in an environment of mutual support with appropriate supervision.


Potential Services

  • Regional conferences
  • Educational testing and evaluation
  • Educational consultancy
  • Teacher in-service training
  • Consultant training
  • Career/university preparation
  • Awareness of “third culture” issues for school staff, parents and students
  • Resource centres and libraries
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